curated, community based ART walks around NYC

Making culture relevant through themed, community-based tours that reflect the dynamism of NYC. "SideWalks" stray off the beaten path of typical tourists. While there are occasional public tours, we specialize in customized cultural walks. Tours use a mix of art and history to offer an exciting flavor of New York City's most creative communities. They are created alongside community members to ensure accurate and engaging neighborhood snapshots, are highly curated, and never scripted. Always unique.

WHERE?  We specialize in Brooklyn & Lower Manhattan.

WHY?  We provide exciting and affordable activities for both locals and visitors. Family, friends, colleagues, and students will enjoy learning about history through real interaction with the art and architecture of the City and its people. Tours can act as a unique supplement to books, clubs, fundraisers, mission statements, or corporate goals; and as a refreshing alternative to traditional museums, movies, and theater. And you'll always get exercise: these are not bus tours!

HOW MUCH?  Public tours are typically $25 per person and 2 hours, and private tours start at $200. Times and prices are flexible, especially when booking for school groups or nonprofit outings. Excellent GROUP RATES are available upon request. Discounts for public tours are often announced through Twitter, Facebook, E-newsletter, and through our community partners.

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