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Gotham SideWalks makes culture relevant through themed, community-based tours that reflect the dynamism of New York City. We offer a unique look at both neighborhoods and themes, exploring pivotal points of history while absorbing the flavor and feel of modern Gotham. Tours utilize community members to create a personalized and interactive illumination of our vast city.

"The Gotham SideWalks tour I took is one of the MOST memorable things I have ever done in NYC..." - 3/2010 by "MaryjBoston". More rave reviews @

Gotham SideWalks runs occassional public tours, but focuses on creating personalized

PRIVATE TOURS & GROUP EVENTS. The TOURS page has details, including "Book It" buttons for public tours and an area to submit a date for private tours.
he sooner you submit, the better chance of arranging your tour!

Gotham SideWalks provides exciting and affordable activities for both locals and visitors. Family, friends, colleagues, and students will enjoy learning about history through real interaction with the art and architecture of the City and its people. Tours can act as a unique supplement to books, clubs, fundraisers, mission statements, or corporate goals; and as a refreshing alternative to traditional museums, movies, and theater. And whether we're walking or biking, you'll always get excercise. These are not bus tours!

Walking Tours are typically $30 per person and 2 hours, and Bike Tours $40 and 3 hours. Times and prices are sometimes flexible, especially when booking for school groups or nonprofit outings. Excellent GROUP RATES are available upon request. Discounts for public tours are often announced through Twitter, Facebook, E-newsletter, and through our community partners.

Please contact us to arrange a tour. Meeting points & other tour details are on our TOUR page.

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